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My name is Tim Shorts, I've been gaming since the winter of 1979. I started the Gothridge Manor blog in April of 2009. Now in 2019 I am moving Gothridge Manor to a new home. I must have a thing for 9's. 

In 2011 I released my first published adventure, Knowledge Illuminates, and started my one-man publishing company, GM Games. In 2012 I released my first issue of The Manor, a zine dedicated to old school games. Then in June of 2014 I started a Patreon called Micro-Adventures where I create adventures, locations, NPC Cards, and miscellaneous tools. 

Gothridge Manor is my gaming sanctuary. It's where I blog to express my ideas, to share my latest gaming purchases, and to show what maps I'm working on. You'll find nothing serious here except topics that center around gaming. 

And I'll quote myself from the first issue of The Manor because it is a philosophy I still adhere to today. I do this for fun, not to change minds or challenge gaming philosophies. I roll dice, laugh, and try to make my funny voices sound convincing. 

Thank you for checking out my little slice of the gaming world.