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Here hides the tragic tale of the giant, twin brothers, Jarcaranda and Corazon. Their barrows swallowed by the Komor Forest.  


Many years ago the brothers were brought into this world together. They grew larger and stronger than any of their kind had ever seen. They fought side-by-side, winning countless battles, destroying the abominations from the underworld and bringing their mortal enemies to their knees.


Then Jarcaranda became ill. He fought the mysterious aliment for several weeks before finally succumbing. The giant was dead. 


Northman custom dictates that since the gods sought to bring twins into this world at the same time, they must also leave this world at the same time. Corazon disagreed. 

He battled his own countrymen to remain alive. It wasn't until his father stepped forward armed with an axe he could barely lift that he surrendered. "You bring shame to this family. Your brother will need you in the afterworld. Go."


Corazon entered his barrow with only his armor and axe. He refused to lie in the sarcophagus that was prepared for him. He stood silent at the entrance as they piled the stones to seal him inside. 


That was hundreds of years ago. Corazon still stands at the entrance. Waiting. 


Artwork by Iron Forge Studios


4 pages 5" x 8", including cover and map

Born as Two Die as One