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The Manor is an OSR zine that's been around since 2012. Dedicated to keeping it fun.


This issue was created from my sandbox campaign called The Komor Forest. The articles found within helped develop my campaign find its own voice and uniqueness. A peek behind my DM screen.


Issue #9 starts off with Komor Forest Gods, four varations of the cleric class. Each god values a set of principles and their clerics should reflect those principles. Sarrath,a God of War, demands his disiples adhere to a strict code of obedience. Delaquain, Goddess of Battle, values individual thought, a person willing to stand up again many. Lavinia, is the Goddess of Life, her faithful care for ally and enemy alike. Possimium, a God of Nocturnal Creatures, who is always planning and gathering supplies for the next war against evil. 


I've used to Swords & Wizardry Continual Light ruleset, Special Monster Traits are used in combat or just in general. When creating my own creatures I expended the traits to suit some of my creations. 


Random Encuounters uses 3d6 to create common, rare and unique encounters. The encounters are detailed. A few are designed to develop into adventures on their own. The randome table not only features critters the party will have to contend with, but also landmarks and ruins.


Lastly, The Crooked Man Tavern. It can be found in a local dungeon near you. A place where silver is secondary to information. What's on tap is what was stolen. Skullduggery is found everywhere, even at the bottom of the tankards. Should I mention the demon in the closet?


Denis McCarthy took it upon himself to fill my zine with his fantastic art. 


Thanks, and enjoy!


24 pgs, cover stock cover, staple bound

The Manor #9

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