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A woman dressed in a peasant gown and wimple, both covered in the layer of dirt, walks toward one of the PCs. She stands quiet for a few moments. She doesn’t respond to questions as absently twists a green hair ribbon around her fingers. With a shuddering breath the woman speaks.


“My little girl and husband are in trouble. Men in the Mozabeeth Shrine are dangerous. Not men. We tried to make it out, but they found us.”


She covers her face as the grief overtakes her. “My little girl. I don’t know where she is.” Her shoulders shudder with sobs. “Petra,” her muffled voice barely audible through her hands.


As she cries, she becomes translucent and fades. After she vanishes, the sound of her weeping drifts into the air until it blends into the sound of a breeze.


The PC awakens.


Artwork by, Iron Forge Studios, Bartek Blaszczec, Rick Hersey, and William McAusland


Card stock cover, 16 pages, 8.5" x 5.5"

Mozabeeth Shrine