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A Rite of Gnolls is a straight forward encounter. An ambush encounter most likely. You've got a pack of young gnolls looking to earn warrior status within their tribe. They just need a trophy and the adventurers have arrived just on time. As if Yeenoghu ordained the meeting. 


However this place existed before the gnolls or the players arrived. Chort, a flesh golem who has seen better days, still tends to the temple and grounds. And then there is a pit. Chort uses it to dispose of debris and bodies if need be. Chort can't have bodies messing up the flow of the temple.


Artwork by Gary Dupis.


Laminated 5" x 8" cardstock


There is also the chaperon. A champion gnoll sent to look after the kiddos in case they get in over their head. He is a possible surprise factor. If he gets close enough he can cause a lot of problems.

Rite of Gnolls