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The premiere issue of the Manor published back in May of 2013. The Manor was inspired by old school zines from the 80's and the new 'zine scene' that surfaced in the OSR.


The first piece is a small adventure/situation, The Salt Pit. A salt miner named Paco needs help clearing out a monster that has made the salt mine its home. Jason Sholtis added one of his famous d12 random tables, Something Shiny in the Troglodyte Dung Heap.


The next piece was inspired by a creepy house in the next town. Rural PA: Ghoul House is a modern day piece linked to a very dark past. Mandris Holland gather his fellow necromancers to create an army of undead.


Then for something completely different Poetry Slam: The Umber Hulk by Rusty Battle Axe. A haiku that is not confusing at all.


Can any old school gamer have enough random tables? I've never met one. 20 Random Forest Encounters provides interesting encounters to spice up a game. And you know some of these will derail your entire planned session. Cause players do that. 


The last piece is Street Vendor: Oren's Boots. A man with a cobbler talent and a dark past. A great way to add some flavor to a game. Oren is a detailed NPC along with his wife and good friend. And he's not a static NPC, he's got adventure hooks because stuff happens. Even to book makers. 


The cover art was done by Jason Sholtis. He really kicked off my zine with a fantasic cover. That troglodyte reaching out of the darkness to grab you. Interior art was done by Jonathan Bingham. The photos that accompany my Rural PA piece were taken by my wife, Ivy Shorts, aka The Happy Whisk


24 pgs, cover stock cover, staple bound

The Manor #1

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