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The second of The Manor start with Hugo's Healing Potions. This is a store I've used in many of my campaign. This thing is full of opportunities. I've got maps,detailed NPCs, adventure hooks, and even a random customer table. 


The second half of the zine is dedicated to the Smugglers Inn. A secret place of business where only the darkest of souls go to make deals. Many have died trying to reach this small, underground hostel. Many have not survived their meeting with Lord John. And just when your party believes they discovered the darkest corners of the inn, they realize their is so much more. In case the party stays the night, Jason Sholtis provides a d12 table, Strange Things You May Find Under the Cot


Would it be right to have an issue without a haiku? No worries, Rusty Battle Axe returns with Orc


I recruited two top map makers, Rob Conley did the maps for Hugo's shop, and Matt Jackson provided the details for Smugglers Inn. 


Emily Burnette did the cover art, and the portraits for Hugo's. I absolutely love the expression she gave Hugo. Absolutely perfect. Jason Sholtis helped out with creating a crazy charging orc. And yours truely added a crappy picture of a signpost. 


24 pgs, cover stock cover, staple bound

The Manor #2

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