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The third installment of The Manor start with a one-shot adventure, The Mone of Rot & Disease. The people of Aberton suffer from a mysterious disease, undead stalk the countryside, the baron has not responded, and the monks of Ambrose Abbey have not been seen in months. Only a group of kick ass adventurers can save the day.


Next is what? Yes! Poetry Slam: Black Dragon was penned by the haiku maestro himself, Rusty Battle Axe


Pog Nog's Cart is another in my merchant series. A goblin with a squeaky wheeled cart and a surprising amount of useful trinkets. He's got stuff you need. And stuff you don't know you need, until you need it. 


Lastly I created a cleric class called Monster Hunter. Specialized in making things dead for the Blood & Treasure system. 


The map for my adventure was done by Rob Conley. It looks spectacular. 


Ivy Shorts, aka The Happy Whisk, inked the cover and interior art. And Jason Sholtis makes his third consecutive appearance creating a wicked black dragon. I did you all a favor and did not art to this issue. You are welcome. 


24 pgs, cover stock cover, staple bound

The Manor #3

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