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The biggest, most monster filled, Manor to date. More artwork than the first three issues combined! 


This issue start off with the adventure, Incident at Butcher Creek. Seems some beasts of the displacement kind are harassing the people of Low Ridge. The party is asked to take them out. But there is something else going on. The beasts may be the least of Low Ridge's worries. 


The second half of the zine is called From Beneath the Manor. A mini manual of monsters. Nine new horrible creatures to inflict upon your party. Rob Conley, Jason Sholtis, Rusty Battle Axe, Boric G, and myself contributed to this fantastic menagerie. 


Mike Varhola did the cover and interior art for Butcher Creek. My second artisticly talented co-worker roped into helping me. And Jason Sholtis did an amazing job of making our creatures come to life. 

The Manor #4

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