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This issue is a little different. And better for it. I recruited a couple of other gamers to contribute. 


The first offering is the Vinyard of Villainy, muh ha ha ha. Four not so nice NPCs to spice up your game. Not all villains need to have a twirling mustache, but it helps. Jay Penn provided the fantastic artwork for this piece. 


Cursed Concoctions, written by Chris Coski, is seven very cruel beverages. All these wonderful liquids will serve your game well. One of these juice boxes will make you players paranoid to drink anything.


Sean Robson gives you a random table, 400 Tavern Names. You know the party always wants to find a tavern where ever they roam and want to know the name. Don't waste the synapses juice, Sean's got you covered.


Doors, is a piece that reveals that all doors were no created equal. If you are building a dungeon you could hang a simple wooden door on your hinges. But what if your party ran into The Oxford or the foul smelling Magaross. Each of these doors has its pros and cons. Consider this the fantasy game version of Consumer Reports. 


The last piece I return to my random tables, 20 Random City Encounters. When I write these, I provide the GM with enough details that he or she could create adventures with each encounter. 


Jay Penn created the creepy hand reaching out from the doorway. I love that picture so much. He sent me the original, it still hangs on my wall! Jeff Freels added some of the potion interior



24 pgs, cover stock cover, staple bound

The Manor #5

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