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This issue is filled with kick-ass stuff.  Douglas Cole and Peter V. Dell'Orto wrote a fantastic piece, Old School Grappling.  They present a set of rules that will make all those tavern brawls a blast.


Trey Causey gives us a sneak peek at his incredible Strange Stars


And I have added my own spin on Hirelings.  A simple way to make hirelings more interesting and useful. 


And the final article, I turn up the Torchbearer to 11.  And if a torchbearer turned up to 11 isn't enough, there are eight different torches to add into your game! 


The art provided for this issue features Jason Sholtis and John Larrey. This duo created the cover and the artwork for Old School Grappling. Denis McCarthy decorated my pieces, the Torchbearer and Hirelings. And William McAusland's work always fills the gaps amazingly well. 


24 pgs, cover stock cover, staple bound

The Manor #8

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