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The people of Scorn are irritable and quick tempered. More than usual. It’s two days before the Harvest Moon and they are talking and arguing about The Weeping Witch. Her sobs carry on the night wind causing restless sleep to those adults who can hear. They awaken in the morning exhausted. For the children, her sobs puts them into a trance.


Days before the Harvest Moon the children are tied into their beds. The Weeping Witch’s sobs cause the children to wander into the Orius Forest.


The surrounding forest has crumbling statues, dry wells, and various ruins. Not to mention the dire wolves and other dangerous creatures within. The forest also holds Corlach Hold, a small fortress used by the Northmen hundreds of years ago. Rumored to be the home of the Weeping Witch.


One of the children, Tremayne, went missing last night. His mother, Shara, is not a well liked woman in the village. Others accused her of being a witch. Altarman Paket hasn’t entertained the accusations. That has not stopped the other villagers to voice their opinions. That Shara is the one responsible for her son missing.


Cover art by Jeremy Hart. Interior art by Joe J. Calkins, Maciej Zagorski, and Jeremy Hart.


Card stock cover, 8.5" x 5.5", 8 pages

The Weeping Witch