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There has been an exhaustive search for Theodore Banks’s next of kin. Magistrate Cassacullba has, for some reason, taken upon himself to find this person. His search concluded with a PC in the party is to inherit Theodore Banks’s wealth. There is a catch, the PC is must pay the taxes for the past year including late penalties. And of course there is the other problem, Banks Manor needs repaired and cleaned. It sorta blew up. Since the next of kin was found it falls upon him to make good on his family’s debts and responsibilities.


Magistrate gives the PC a key to Banks Manor, though he tells the PC he doubts the keys opens anything now. He provides a map to where Banks Manor is located. Once cleared, the PC can get the key to the Jeweler Shop. Magistrate Cassacullba assures the PC the shop is secured. He put the locks on it himself the day Mr. Banks died.


card stock cover, 5.5" x 8.5", 8 pages

Theodore Banks